Birmingham native, Carla Fredd began her writing career in 1992.  After several failed attempts to complete her first book, Ms. Fredd used her skills as an electrical engineer to solve the problem.  She got help.  She took several creative writing classes, joined Georgia Romance Writers, Heart of Dixie, RWA, and attended almost every RWA national conference.

In 1994, she sold her first book, Fire and Ice to Pinnacle Arabesque.  Fire and Ice, an October 1995 release, was eleventh on the Brenttano’s TOP 20 Best-selling Mass Market list.  Her other works include Matchmaker, one of three stories in the 1996 Pinnacle Arabesque Valentine Anthology and If Only You Knew an October 1996 Pinnacle Arabesque release.

In June 2000, Fire and Ice was selected by BET Pictures II and was adapted in a made for television movie.  Fire and Ice will air on BET television on April 6, 2001. It is the first of five Arabesque movies to air on BET television in the 2001 season.

Ms. Fredd currently residences in Georgia and is currently working on her next project.